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Customer service begins with the phone call

For nearly 10 years Ruby Receptionists has been answering my business calls and handling my law office’s messages. I was surprised and very pleased this month to be asked to speak on camera about why I like and appreciate Ruby. Every call to our main line during business hours is answered by a friendly — and live — voice.

Dean Alterman talks with Ruby Receptionists
Dean Alterman tells Ruby Receptionists why Alterman Law Group is so pleased with Ruby’s services

Why do we have the real people at Ruby answer our firm’s phones? It’s a way to show respect for our clients. No one’s ever raved to me about their great experience calling a bank or an airline and getting only a recorded voice that says “Listen carefully, because our options have recently changed,” and then gives them the standard message to press 1 for an employee directory or 2 for more options.