Author: Alterman Law Group

The ABA publishes Dean Alterman’s book “How to Draft Easements”

Dean Alterman’s second book, How to Draft Easements, came out in print this month.  It’s published by the Real Property, Trusts and Estates section of the American Bar Association and follows by six years his first book, How to Build a Real Estate Law Practice, also published by the ABA.  The book explains the basic legal doctrines behind easements and easement agreements, describes how to draft five different types of easement agreements, and concludes by listing ten ways to misdraft an easement agreement.   His goal in writing the book was to help lawyers “draft easement agreements to reduce the chance that your clients find themselves in court arguing about their rights.  Litigation is a blunt and expensive tool with which to settle a dispute.”

Rethinking office remodeling: reuse, repurpose, and refresh

We’re very pleased that Office 52 included its design work on our new office suite on its website as a sample of the talents of its principals Isaac Campbell and Michelle LaFoe, who brought new life to a dated space while adapting and repurposing materials from the former tenant.  Have we mentioned how much we love our new office? Thank you, Isaac and Michelle!