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Do you need a license to manage your own real estate? If it isn’t all yours, you might

You can manage your own real estate without a license. But what if you own it through a limited liability company, or a family trust, or as tenants in common with others? Last month the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the Real Estate Agency’s determination that if you’re receiving compensation for managing the property, you might be violating the law.  Read our article on LinkedIn for more:

There is no “slow claim” deed either

The evolution of our language has left some legal concepts with names that no longer reflect what they actually mean.  The Statute of Frauds doesn’t describe the crime of fraud. The Statute of Uses has nothing to do with land use.

Speech transcription is adding to the list: I am seeing more references to “quick claim deeds” instead of “quitclaim deeds.” They are no faster or slower than any other kind of deed; calling a deed “quick” doesn’t speed it up.

Erica Menze presents at RELU

On August 16, Erica Menze presented a session on basic principles of real estate law for land use lawyers to the annual meeting of the Real Estate and Land Use Section of the Oregon State Bar.  It was entitled “Don’t Zone Out When Your Client’s In Seizin.” (A simultaneous presentation in the next room covered basic principles of land use law for real estate lawyers.)

Oregon has many outstanding real estate lawyers and many fine land use practitioners.  Only a few lawyers regularly practice where the two fields overlap.  If you have a real estate situation with quirky land use issues, or a land use problem with an unusual real estate twist, perhaps we can help.