Month: January 2020

Do you need a license to manage your own real estate? If it isn’t all yours, you might

You can manage your own real estate without a license. But what if you own it through a limited liability company, or a family trust, or as tenants in common with others? Last month the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the Real Estate Agency’s determination that if you’re receiving compensation for managing the property, you might be violating the law.  Read our article on LinkedIn for more:

Erica Menze promoted to shareholder

Alterman Law Group PC is pleased to announce that on January 1, 2020 Erica Menze became a shareholder and director of the firm. Erica has been with Alterman Law Group since 2017.  Her practice focuses on business, real estate, and land use matters.  Erica is admitted to practice in Oregon and Washington.Erica Menze,