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Erica Menze and Dean Alterman co-present a seminar for the American Bar Association

Last month our partners Erica Menze and Dean Alterman joined Patrick Bartman of Baird Holm LLP to present a 90-minute seminar on negotiating and drafting leases and easements for the Real Property, Trusts & Estates (RPTE) section of the American Bar Association. The seminar is one in a series, “Lay of the Land,” that RPTE is presenting this year to provide practical technical advice to newer real estate lawyers.

Even standard forms need a once-over from time to time

Clients save money when their lawyers base new agreements on old forms, but some forms are a little too old.  I haven’t seen a lease form that allows the parties to send each other notices by Pony Express, but last year two law firms sent me lease drafts that allow the landlord and the tenant to send notices by telegraph.