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Alterman Law Group turns five

Since Alterman Law Group opened its doors on September 1, 2017 we have served more than 750 clients, completed an office expansion to higher quarters in downtown Portland, and grown our team of lawyers by 50%.  The growth is modest in headcount – we started with two lawyers and now have three – but meaningful compared to the general trend in the legal profession today.  We are pleased to have completed five years in business.  We look forward to continuing to serve real estate investors, family businesses, and their owners for many years to come, and in 2023 possibly growing our legal team by another 33%.

Happy birthday, Oregon!

Every year we celebrate Oregon’s birthday with a suitable greeting, paired with a view of our fair state.  Some years the view is of an icon such as Mount Hood or Crater Lake.  For Oregon’s 163rd birthday last week, with the design assistance of our friends at Incubate Design, we chose an image of the Columbia River in an era before dams had tamed it, seen from an unusual viewpoint . . . . similar to how we advise our clients.  Happy birthday, Oregon!